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Our Services

We offer consultancy services for accessing UE funding. We support our clients starting with the development of investment projects, supervising the implementation of the projects according to the EU rules, and ending with the last payment request. We always look for new investment opportunities and we are the first to offer information and solutions on this matter. Clients learn from us all the eligibility criteria they need follow in order to receive financing. The amount of time needed to write the Grant application can take days or maybe even weeks, depending on the program that is accessed. Also depending on this, clients can rely on us to prepare the following documentation: Grant application, feasibility study, business plan, justifying statement, cost-benefit analysis, marketing strategies, etc. We will always follow the program’s Guide, and the eligibility rules.

Project Development

We successfully developed lots of projects from the following UE programs:
- LEADER Programming
Other consultancy services we offer:
- Business plan
- Cost-benefit analysis
- Budget planning


Obtaining financing is only he first step in successfully developing a EU project. The correct implementation will ensure reimbursement of all spending regarding the implementation of the project. This process can take from a few months to 3 years from signing the contract. Our team is here to give the consultancy and assistance you need in order to efficiently manage your EU project. We are with you all step of the way, from the moment you sign the financing contract until the publishing of the finalization of the UE project.
We offer the following management consultancy services:
- Making sure the terms of the financing contracts are followed
- Following the rules regarding the financial aid given
- Following documentation and developing the procedures for public acquisitions
- Assistance in filling out the reimbursement requests for the spending made
- Writing the reports explaining the progress made and responding to the info requested by the Management Authority of the EU program

Territorial Planning

Territorial planning includes, besides strategic planning, also ways in which the region is visualized, and it is based on social attendance and partnetship. We have experience in this field since 2006.
Regional plans we elaborated:
- The development strategy of G10 rural region G10
- The development strategy of Sovidek-Hegyalja region Sovidek-Hegyalja
Development strategies we implemented:
- The Integrated Development plan of Reghin city
- The Integrated Development plan of Gheorgheni city
- The Development Plan Strategy of Gheorghenni city 2014-2020
- The Development Plan Strategy of Remetea 2014-2020