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POC 2014 – 2020 has a 1,329 billion Euros budget. The program will finance projects that will promote and support the development of Romania’s economy. The main focus is investing in research, innovation, developing tech infrastructure.

Priorities of the program:

Objective: Support research, innovation and the development of technology
- Support private investments in research and research organizations
- Promote financial instruments ment to support private investments in research and innovation
- Develop public and private research infrastructure, as part of existing clusters, or any other research centres

Objective: facilitate access to information and communication technology
- Promote the TIC in companies, including the innovation of e-commerce;
- Develop e-governance instruments for citizens and companies (e-Guvernare 2.0);
- Develop "cloud computing";
- Develop online modern public services that connect different databases between regions

Objective: Promote social inclusion and fight against poverty
- Develop telemedicine systems, digital medical sheets, support medicl research through usage of anonymous data;
- Develop digital culture;

Objectiv: Improve access to information and communication technology
- Continue supporting the development of NGAfor broadband modernization;